Visegrad Training Course "Youth at #V4work"

This year, the International Visegrad Fund granted our Foundation with a training course "Youth at #V4work", which has been running from 3rd to 6th Semptember 2017.
The project has been based on training youth in order to find concrete instruments and tools for answering their needs and issues in compliance to the challenges related to employability and entrepreneurship of young people in the Visegrad area.
The fact of tackling socio-economical problems with involving youth in finding solutions for taking out their own talent with practical tools for learning development, got more into a concrete step onwards in a V4 joint approach as the youth taking part were underlining, giving more inputs for their own future jobs and the growth of their curricula in the Visegrad space.
To achieve such great results,we included diverse aspects of the social life – in education, civil society, decision-making and political sphere, as well as in developing of best practices widely. The fact of carving via educational tools will embraced an innovative strategy of 7 steps: Tackling obstacles, Pro-activity, self-analysis, planning for real, management of emotional intelligence, leadership/cooperation, and action.
The training course took place in Łódź (Poland) and it granted 16 attendees. During the 3 days project the experts from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia and the 12 participants could approach the field of competences and skills development and contribute to the exchange of best practices via non-formal education and holistic, experiential learning activities and workshops. They all detected a series of problems and barriers which got solved through the adoption of holistic activities and the contribution of our cooperation.
The V4 region concretely benefitted by cooperating and educating each other in developing competences to strengthen their task force and actions, and the innovative adoption of the 7 steps-educational focuses was shaped to respond the needs of our target group and multiply the impact of those competences-making system, which proves our commitment to a concrete V4 change. To make it bolder, a set of 3 Local Conferences have been running too.
Local Conference in Łódź "Youth's Future in the V4 area" - A consistent group of young people and locals from the Voivodeship of Łódź met on 20th October 2017 to disseminate the results and the benefits of our project plus enhancing competences by presenting the Booklet created and the relevance of our cooperation in the Visegrad area. The event has been divided into three different parts, with face-to-face meetings and workshops and final round table, in order to impact our young target group and society with the results obtained during the project implementation.
Local Conference in Budapest "Youth of Hungary for V4 empowerment" - Young people met to share the training course results in Budapest on 20th October 2017. Some of the present participants could directly summarize and present about their experience in Łódź, the results and the products of our cooperation and their performance with the orgaizational support of the Hungarian partner.
Local Conference in Veľké Kapušany "We share "Youth at #V4work"!" - The Slovak group, in cooperation with the local Youth Parliament, met on 21st October to raise awareness about the project results with the presence of the participating young people who presented all the productions and developed points, by simulating and discussing upon all scheduled activities of the event, showing photos, videos and disseminating the spirit of our training course widely.
The success of the training course and its results have been shared in different occasions, including 6 different events and projects where some experts and entrepreneur could know and understand the benefits of the IVF.

Thanks for taking part to the project! It has been a fantastic experience!


"World-changing Words" - Training Course
From 13th to 15th May 2017, the International Visegrad Fund project "World-changing Words" took place in Budapest, Hungary, after our partner KKA got granted.
The project primarily aimed for a responsible journalism. Specifically, it was designed to train young professionals who are not only aware of societal issues affecting the V4 region but also interested in exchange of information through journalism or by writing. This is in line with the goal of the V4 member countries in preserving and promoting cultural cohesion and cooperation within the region and in the EU as a whole. By inviting future journalists, their contribution of articles and blog entries about minority-related issues raised awareness concerning minority issues. The newly published articles drawn attention on under-represented communities in the V4 region. The project also involved members of minority groups thus enhancing their opportunities in the labour market.
The training course gave the opportunity to 3 youth to take part into the project dynamics and strenghten their skills in the topics: indeed a mosaic of cultures and articles has been created as a result of the entire project.