About us

EFRC bases its daily work on competencies development of people to qualitatively enter their own personal and professional growth through both formal and non-formal education approaches. The main scope is to tailor their own future by providing them with mobility opportunities, development, support in entering the job market, transferring knowledge, find and follow their potential and pursuit the objectives of inputting their own learning needs and wishes based on the fields of studies and dedication in their lives.

We base our tasks on non-formal education activities and tools for learning, we spread European values and we are committed towards society and its citizens, especially to employability building, human rights, digitalisation and environmental as we truly believe that they are the main fields for the development of the future.

We advocate for education as we strongly reckon that all humans have the right to get support and experience from self-led ideas and wishes, according to the global change and European trends, and based on own talent and inclination.


Our fields of interest, as recognised by the national law, are embracing the following sectors:

  • Scientific, scientific-technical;
  • Education, also involving the education of students;
  • Cultural.

Our activities are oriented to:

  • Vocational and social rehabilitation of disabled;
  • The protection of the environment;
  • Physical culture and sport;
  • Health care and social assistance;
  • Religious.

Looking forward to the future, we see \\u00a0educational projects flourishing to support responsible business and proactive youth growth in the full awareness that the source of positive influence and success is possible while cooperating and respecting each other, in full understanding of European diversity and abolishing stereotypes and xenophobia.

We put our trust in education as we do think that individuals are based on what they learn during the lapse time of their own lives and acquire knowledge according to both formal Institutions (as school and University) and non-formal chances and opportunities based on experiential learning.

The combination of these two levels are making each person special enough to build beautiful talents: it is matter to help civil society in take all the possible potential out.

All the shared knowledge we accumulated during the organisation of big and extensive days plus the entire baggage of educational supports we could have played a very impressive effect on the society until today: we could share our development at schools and Universities, we organised short projects in our past, we developed webinars and seminars, we organised educational and social games for youth, we managed specific campaigns for business and we took care of all difficulties concerning youth employment and entrepreneurship around Poland and abroad.

The management of our own portfolio in terms of educational tools is wide and our contacts are extended both in the area of Lodz and all over Poland, including some specific networking countries in and out of Europe.

We are used to plan things and to develop in-depth analysis of all matters when supporting a project, we have got a structured auditing system and a qualitative front-check in regards of our work; we schedule round tables among us in order to detect points of better development and we share all details of possible improvement while developing projects, initiatives and settling new cooperation.

We base our experience on past volunteering and being part of other realities, we spread the beauty of being competent rather than competitive towards society, and we could base our activities on a successful and meaningful orientation which attracts people for the specific leadership system based on trusting each other and on ourselves.