Europejska Fundacja Rozwoju Człowieka (EuroFRC) has a solid schedule of periodical activities delivered mainly to young people and to adult/school education. We also are extremely supportive to different Campaigns that we find fitting with our pillars and mission.

Our Foundation is realizing its aims through:

  • Mobility projects in the field of education, as Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Visegrad, exchanges between NGOs and Institutions, European/Regional funds, Donations, funded simulations, etc.
  • Proposing and tailoring personalised models on how to start and run a business/ company, founding the basis of a structured system which fits the own tendencies and potential;
  • Workshops for students from high schools and universities with experienced and successful entrepreneurs and young examples of success stories to share knowledge and give concrete support ideas and guidance;
  • Non-formal education activities aimed at putting into practice and realization theoretical ideas which can succeed according to the direct results.

Apart of European grants won as beneficiaries or in partnership, we established different stability pacts for youth mobility abroad and we arealways on the move!

Indeed, we take part in different collaboration and we follow all kind of local, national and European opportunities for our young people and their own development.