IX Europejskie Forum Gospodarcze - Łódzkie 2016
The IX European Economic Forum 2016 (IX Europejskie Forum Gospodarcze - Łódzkie 2016) took place in the city of Łódz (Poland) 14th and 15th November 2016 at Andel's Hotel by Vienna House, involving 2700 attendees, and including our Foundation.
The event integrated regional and European economic environment by creating a platform for dialogue to make new ties and to strengthen existing business relationships; panel discussions were leaded by known and high level speakers and invited professionals from Europe, especially from Poland, Hungary, Czech republic and Slovakia.
The aim was to increase the level of regional foreign trade enterprises belonging to the group of SMEs, so that the event is part of the activities supporting the development and thus the growth of the economic importance of the region of Łódź towards Europe.
We are thankful to Promuje Łódzkie, Fundusze Europejskie, Centrum Obsługi Przedsiębiorcy w Łodzi and the Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego for organizing the event and giving such a qualitative opportunity to meet, network and build ties with and within Europe and the Visegrad area.