Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Tearing down walls, building bridges"

Dates: 17th - 24th March 2018
Venue: Larnaca, Cyprus
Participating countries: Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal.
Topics: youth work, refugees, social inclusion, volunteering, civil society, active citizenship and participation, integration, international relations
Summary: The main aim was to raise awareness on the refugee crisis through a reflection of their stories and conditions and to focus on the crucial role that civil society has/ can have for a full and encompassing integration of refugees in our communities.
Furthermore, the project represented an example of active citizenship that comes directly from young people of Europe which helped to disseminate fundamental values such as solidarity, human dignity and respect through a bottom-up approach that enhanced cooperation and unity between people.
- Highlight the indispensable and decisive participation of people in the inclusion process
- Show the reality of the drama refugees are living
- Illustrate the pivotal role of civil society in the integration process
- Share good practices and promote active citizenship
- Encourage volunteerism

Thanks to all KOKEN Team and Volunteers!

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Art & Culture for Advacing Gender Equality"

Type: Youth Exchange fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: France, Poland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden.
Topics: gender equality, women's rights, EU values, equal opportunities, intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, active citizenship.
The main objective of the project was to stimulate and advance gender equality for 35 young Europeans from 7 different countries, in an intercultural and safe environment. The youth exchange aimed to set the basis for further initiatives and cooperation on the field of creative work and human rights. We gathered a gender-balanced group with interest in cultural expression and active citizenship.
The objectives of the youth exchange were:
- to promote awareness, best practices and fundamental concepts on the topic of gender equality and equal opportunities among young people;
- to improve the skills of European youth regarding using art and culture in the field of gender equality;
- to increase the social cohesion and facili-tate an intercultural dialogue among young European citizens, through non-formal methodology;
- to help young people to acquire specific knowledge in the field of gender equality, intercultural, social and communication competences, useful to provide work skills for the participants;
- to improve the knowledge of foreign languages
A fantastic APV took place in France in December 2017, and our great member :Ms Sasha Kuzmich was present to support the preparatory activities with our French partner. At the Youth Exchange in La Vancelle (Strasbourg) in February-March 2018 were taking part Pawel, Gioele, Emilia, Sylwia and Natalia who enjoyed the experience of the activities and the amazing visit at the Council of Europe!

Thank you to all partners and participants who took part in the Youth Exchange!

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Erasmus Youth VS EuroSkepticism"

Type: Youth Exchange fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Greece.
Topics: European values, Euro skepticism, active citizenship, Erasmus generation, international cooperation and relations, European dialogue, youth participation.
From 13th to 19th December 2017, EuroFRC has hosted a fantastic Youth Exchange: "Erasmus Youth VS EuroSkepticism", a 6-country youth exchange with the focus on talking about our Erasmus generation and the circumstances creating Euro skepticism around us.The project objectives aimed to:- Involve youth in understanding and analyzing causes and roots of Euro Skepticism and come out with solutions and comparisons with those;- Stimulate effective engagement of youth as equal partners to make productive use of their knowledge, perspectives and experience;- Enhance dialogue, democracy, and stand for their vision and ideals;- Promote Erasmus+ Programme as a proof that EU is giving opportunities to youth and voice to their future.
The 24 participants and their Youth Leaders have filled the streets of our city with knowledge, with actions based on dialogue, art, commitment and European values, and every single smile they gave to the Polish society has been absolutely contributing to the aim of the project: making the Erasmus Generation speak loud their voices.The youth exchange is now sharing official results European wide after the implementation in Poland, and deliver outputs and products to relevant stakeholders at local and European level to inspire our young generations in the involved countries through the support and commitment of participants and Youth Leaders!
The EuroFRC Team has been deeply involved in the project preparation, and our fantastic 5 (Silvia as a Youth Leader, plus Emilia, Barbara, Natalia and Hania) have been developing all tasks in cooperation with the Board Members (Bartek, Konrad, Karolina, Artur, Pawel). We also had the honor to get the support of the  University of Łódź (specifically, with the Faculty of International Management, the Student Council and the IRO of the University) in order to provide quality inputs and food for thoughts to the young group taking part into the project.
A special thank also goes to the City of Łódź, to the Radegast Museum in Łódź and the Hostel where we have developed the activities successfully! Our cooperation meant a lot for all of us!

Thank you all for being so great to us and made the Erasmus generation wish come true!


Erasmus+ Training Course "+Visibility 4 Youth Projects" - Molins de Rei (Catalunya), Spain

Type: Training Course fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.
Topics: ITC skills, project making, dissemination of results, advertising and startegic planning.
The project targeted at youth workers who are active in youth initiatives and projects and who wish to maximize their impact in their local communities. Indeed, the training course embraced a set of tools and abilities aimed at developing the potential impact of the DEOR of our projects, impling a very effective method coming from the shared knowledge of trainers and participants. The project took place in Molins de Rei from 20th to 26th November 2017, and it has been a perfect space to exchange ideas and tailor new partnership dimensions for the future. The Training Course has been undertaken by Natalia and Silvia, two of our active members who are committed to deepen their knowledge and multiply it inside of our Foundation.
The objectives of our training course have been:- Help all the people involved to appreciate the importance of dissemination and exploitation of the results of their projects;- Explore ways to increase the impact of youth projects within our organisations and our communities;- Extend the potential of non-formal education methods and techniques in creating original projects in order to address the needs of young people;- Provide the participants with the skills necessary for strategic thinking and planning in order to raise the visibility of their projects.

We deeply thank our friends from Tabala and the Trainers!

Erasmus+ Partnership Building Activity  "Youth Multiplier" - Geneve, Switzerland


Type: Partnership Building Activity fully funded by the  Swiss Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia.
Topics: youth participation, youth leadership, inclusion, youth entrepreneurship and business, sports and healthy lifestyles, cultural heritage.
Summary: Switerland, under the interim solution of the Erasmus+ Programme funded by the Swiss Government, pretends to keep binding ties with European youth, building and empowering youth by cooperation with Easter countries and the Programme countries. The project aimed to reunite experienced multipliers, youth workers and youth leaders to create further cooperation in the framework of the topics embraced and the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme, and to programme a series of actions in the mobility framework which all partners will jointly undertake for the year 2018. The participation to the PBA has been undertaken by Bartek, our founder and President, in order to ensure the quality of the planning and expertise as required, from 2nd to 5th November 2017. The city of Geneve saw a group of committed professionals from Europe and the Caucasus collaborating for upcoming projects.
Our best thanks to our amazing Swiss partner and its work in the framework of youth and mobility, its invitation to cooperate and its commitment.


Let's empower youth together and make our projects come true together!

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Bound in Cultures" - Bitola, Macedonia

Type: Youth Exchange fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Italy, Albania, Portugal, Turkey.
Topics: culture, religion, ethics, migration, faith, phylosophy, intercultural dialogue.
The goal of this project has been to gather young people from different countries and to promote what can be found in common, so they can find similarities among them and feel as one. Currently both EU and non-EU countries are in the mist of a 'multiple cultural crisis' due to an influx of migrants, many Muslim, from distressed countries. A lack of understanding for these people's culture and beliefs mixed with media focus on terror attacks perpetrated by radicalized groups causes constant fear, apprehension, and in worst case scenarios, violence towards new groups and different cultures. The purpose of this project has been to analyse and discuss those fears and anxieties through better understanding of the pillars of mainstream Islam and the tolerance it can embrace.
From 10th to 18th October 2017, our amazing group comoped by Rafał (our Youth Leader), Basia, Natalia, Emilia and Krzysztof had the opportunity to meet 6 different young people's Team and exchange ideas, opinions and traditions with the objective of:1. Raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts2. Actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity"3. Promote the development and external policy objectives and principles including national ownership, social cohesion, equity, proper geographical balance and diversity

Thank to our Macedonian partner for such an experience!


Erasmus+ Training Course "Employment & Competences 4 Success" - Reggio Calabria, Italy

Type: Training Course fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Italy, Poland, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Hungary and Germany.
Topics: youth competences, youth work, tools for learning, employment of young people, Youthpass,
"Employment & Competences 4 Success" has been an Erasmus+ training course specifically developed for active youth workers who are aiming at empowering youth employment and competences-making to enhance career guidance of young people by using holistic approach and NFE. The project hosted 31 participants from 13 different European countries, and it gave the opportunity to Wioletta and Paweł to refine their skills and raise the quality of youth job market and chances in Poland.
All objectives have been defined to tailor tools for learning, exchange professional ideas, experiences and actions to promote among youth, and educate to educate; we have been grateful to support our Italian partner by offering the expertise of one of our professional trainers in the field of employability and entrepreneurship: our President, Bartek.
The objectives of our training course have been:- Analyze the scenario of youth employment and competences-making according to the European scenario and find tangible educational solutions to carve into the topic;- Provide European youth workers a space for tailoring specific tools for learning and a defined action plan for boosting employment of youth and support them in career guidance;- Identify young people talents and help them in harvesting those in a way to empower skills, competences and opportunities at the same time;- Better understand how to create cooperation and actions to boost young people scenario via non-formal education, and to motivate a settles process of learning;- Allow youth workers to gain experiences in a specific sector for youth which is in transformation and needing solutions to avoid poverty of youth;- Show the relevance of finding innovative methods and tools for supporting and helping youth by using a holistic approach to overcome obstacles cause by the high rates of unemployment in Europe;- Provide more qualitative opportunities for future, innovative cooperation and projects within Erasmus+ Programme.
The project has created  a set of very relevant videos, composing an entire Vlog of the days in Italy to keep impacting on youth workers, trainers and young people interested in the field.


Thank you EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO for your amazing job!



"ReFuGeeS: Religion, Future, Generations, Stereotypes" - KA1 Training Course

The Erasmus+ project "ReFuGeeS: Religion, Future, Generations, Stereotypes" has been a training course involving 12 European and Balkan countries to discuss about refugeeing, migration and human rights. The project was born from a cooperation between the applicant, KKA, and the Italian partner EDYM, and it was developed from 3rd to 10th December 2016.
The 29 attendees could exchange their own experiences, needs and knowledge regarding such an humanitarian issue and relate it strictly with human rights, social transformation and professional growth, as the three concepts represent mainly a weakness which should be turned into a strenght with tolerance, support, respect and embracing diversity.
Participants from Hungary, Italy, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro could meet in Dombóvar, Hungary, and discuss how to find strategies and tools for learning for a better inclusion of refugess and humanitatian help and support.  All of them  had the opportunity to experience and exchange their own experiences, needs and knowledge regarding such an humanitarian issue and relate it strictly with human rights, social transformation and professional growth, as the three concepts represent mainly a weakness which should be turned into a strenght with tolerance, support, respect and embracing diversity.
The training course has produced high level results and it opened new scenarios of cooperation and the chance to deepen the knowledge in human rights and refugeeing.