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Call for Experts - Visegrad Training Course "Youth at #V4work"

Europejska Fundacja Rozwoju Człowieka (EuroFRC) is seeking for 1 Expert from Poland who is willing to cooperate in the framework of the Visegrad Fund training course “Youth at #V4work”.
The 3 days Training Course will take place in the vibrant Polish city of Łódź from 3rd to 6th September, and it will host participants coming from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
A short summary of the project:
The height of youth employment and entrepreneurship in the V4 countries keeps fluctuating and putting at risk of poverty young people. The project is based on training young people in order to find concrete instruments and tools for answering their needs and issues in compliance to the V4 challenges. The fact of tackling socio-economical problems with involving youth in finding solutions for taking out their own talent and make a step onwards in a V4 joint approach via 7 strategic steps.
Required profile for all candidates:
1) The expert must be fluent English speaker
2) The expert must be able to cooperate with the other colleagues synergically and in compliance to a code-shared task division
3) The expert must have at least 5 years of provable experience in the field of employability building, entrepreneurship and competences development in the field of youth and according to the V4 framework
4) The expert must provide a minimum of 2 sessions. Not more than 3/4 sessions will be distributed per expert, and each of them will be in full charge of its development with the support of the Project Manager and the applicant
5) The expert must provide the sessions with non-formal education tools for learning and a deliverable ground in compliance with the schedule
6) The expert should be able to work in team, be reporting on his session, prepare eventual presentation and request materials in compliance to his/her session and communicate with the applicant for any other business
7) The expert is required to stay for the entire duration of the project
8) The expert must be Polish citizen or resident
9) The expert candidates must provide us with their personal documentation to register them accordingly and a short CV.
The expert candidates will sustain an interview with us to make sure that all the details are clear and that their profiles are suiting the project development. Selection of the final pool of Experts will be promptly communicated after the deadline.
Procedure for application:
All expert candidates must send an email to  EuroFRC i(
Deadline to apply for candidatures of Experts: 20/07/2017, 12.00 CET