Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Erasmus Youth VS EuroSkepticism”

Type: Youth Exchange fully funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Participating countries: Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Greece.
Topics: European values, Euro skepticism, active citizenship, Erasmus generation, international cooperation and relations, European dialogue, youth participation.
From 13th to 19th December 2017, EuroFRC has hosted a fantastic Youth Exchange: “Erasmus Youth VS EuroSkepticism”, a 6-country youth exchange with the focus on talking about our Erasmus generation and the circumstances creating Euro skepticism around us.
The project objectives aimed to:
– Involve youth in understanding and analyzing causes and roots of Euro Skepticism and come out with solutions and comparisons with those;
– Stimulate effective engagement of youth as equal partners to make productive use of their knowledge, perspectives and experience;
– Enhance dialogue, democracy, and stand for their vision and ideals;
– Promote Erasmus+ Programme as a proof that EU is giving opportunities to youth and voice to their future.
The 24 participants and their Youth Leaders have filled the streets of our city with knowledge, with actions based on dialogue, art, commitment and European values, and every single smile they gave to the Polish society has been absolutely contributing to the aim of the project: making the Erasmus Generation speak loud their voices.
The youth exchange is now sharing official results European wide after the implementation in Poland, and deliver outputs and products to relevant stakeholders at local and European level to inspire our young generations in the involved countries through the support and commitment of participants and Youth Leaders!
The EuroFRC Team has been deeply involved in the project preparation, and our fantastic 5 (Silvia as a Youth Leader, plus Emilia, Barbara, Natalia and Hania) have been developing all tasks in cooperation with the Board Members (Bartek, Konrad, Karolina, Artur, Pawel). We also had the honor to get the support of the  University of Łódź (specifically, with the Faculty of International Management, the Student Council and the IRO of the University) in order to provide quality inputs and food for thoughts to the young group taking part into the project.
A special thank also goes to the City of Łódź, to the Radegast Museum in Łódź and the Hostel where we have developed the activities successfully! Our cooperation meant a lot for all of us!

Thank you all for being so great to us and made the Erasmus generation wish come true!

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